February 9

6 Best Methods To Stop Your Printer Ink From Drying Out


Having your printer inks constantly drying out can be a frustrating experience and a threat to your time, money, and productivity. 

Imagine you have to deal with some bleak, unresponsive print work first thing on a fully- scheduled Monday morning with a lot of other duties right under your nose, yet the cartridge is full for Pete’s sake!

This article provides ways to ensure your printer ink cartridges are always in the best condition and keep the printer ink from drying out. Read on to know more.

1. Use your printer regularly

Inconsistent use of your inkjet printer causes the printer ink to be exposed to conditions that make it dry out quickly and produce bleak or no prints. 

The ink cartridges are not designed to stay so long without use, lest the ink dries outright from the nozzle point down to the whole ink, even when it’s still so much. Make sure you use the printer at least weekly to test every ink color, in the case of colored cartridges. 

2. Avoid purchasing low quality and cheap Cartridges.

An essential thing to do is to avoid a cycle of low- quality, awkwardly cheap, and low- result ink cartridges in the first place. To make sure you keep your printer ink from drying out too easily, obtain a genuine, standard quality cartridge. 

There are several trusted and quality brands on the market with easy maintenance guidelines to sustain it from regularly drying out. 

3. Do not expose your ink cartridges to extreme temperatures.

Another method to keep printer ink from drying out is to observe the temperature conditions during its storage. The ink cartridges tend to dry out faster when exposed to an extremely hot or cold, or dry environment. Try to ensure the environment temperature is medium, between 10- 95 Fahrenheit, and quite humid enough to keep the printer inks from drying out.

4. Seal printer head opening or nozzle when unused

When not in use over a long period, a beneficial storage measure is to seal the cartridge nozzle with some tape to prevent air or impurities from reaching it. Thereafter, you can place it in a tight-sealed plastic bag to discontinue use over a relatively long period of time. This keeps the printer ink from drying out easily.

5. Place the unused cartridge in a plastic container with an air-tight seal

Alternatively, you can store unused ink cartridges in a plastic, air-tight tight sealed container, with its nozzle turned upright. This stores the cartridge for a maximum period of two months and prevents it from quickly drying out.

6. Completely shut down the printer after use.

After printing, particularly with inkjet printers, ensure you turn off the printer using the device’s power button. This action ensures the printer head is positioned upright and protected against impurities or adverse temperature, such that it keeps the printer ink from drying out quickly.


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