February 9

How To Stop Printer From Printing


If you want your printer to stop printing uncontrollably or if you just want to cancel a print job, but you don’t know how to, the details in this article would walk you through the steps you need to take. 

Your print job can be stopped directly from your computer if the action has not been delivered to your printer. However, for cases where it has been delivered to your printer, you need to know the exact moves to take the printing stop. You will find out in the sections that follow.

2 Ways To Stop Your Printer From Printing 

By Cancelling From Your Printer

Majority of printers have a button that allows you to cancel or stop the job altogether. When you quickly press this button, you can stop your printer from printing. All you have to do is walk over to the printer to cancel the operation. Also, you can pull out the paper that is in the printer, this would pause it from printing. 

Another direct way of stopping your printer from printing is by pulling the plug off your printer. When you put the printer off, the printing exercise stops. You can also try to remove the stack. However, these techniques only give you time to actually take the steps needed to stop the print job. 

By Using Windows

  1. First, look for the printer icon, it is usually at the corner on the bottom-right position. If you don’t find it there, you can check the hidden icons or the screen at the bottom edge. 
  2. Then you click on the open all printers button 
  3. A printer dialog box would appear, then you click on the print job that you seek to cancel 
  4. Click on the document, then press cancel. Then you select the yes option to indicate that you are cancelling the print job 
  5. Ensure that the print job you deleted is no longer on the print job queue after you cancel. 

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows vista, the process is quite different from this. In a case such as this, you don’t have to be stranded. 

How to Stop Printer From Printing on Windows 7 

  1. Select the start button 
  2. Click on the control panel
  3. From the upper-right corner, use the drop down menu, next to view by; then, click on category
  4. View the devices and printers
  5. Then, you select the printer icon on the command bar you’ll click on See What’s Printing.
  6. Select the document you want to stop printing, click the cancel button, then press yes to confirm. 

The process for Windows vista is similar only in the first and second step. 

How to Stop Printer From Printing on Windows Vista

  1. Select the start button 
  2. Click on the control panel
  3. Click on printer 
  4. Select the printer icon on the command bar, then click on See What’s Printing
  5. Click on the document you want to stop printing, click the cancel button, then press yes to confirm

If any of these techniques does not work for you, get technical support to check out your printer.


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