February 9

How To Refill Printer Ink Cartridges


One thing inkjet printer users generally agree on is that Ink cartridges are costly. You practically have to pay through your nose anytime your printer needs a cartridge replacement. 

Anyway, the problem of replacing cartridges anytime ink finishes has been solved, with the various ink-refill kits available in the market for half the price of the average cartridge replacement. 

In this post, the worth of cartridge replacement will be discussed, as well as how to refill your ink cartridge.

Is Cartridge Replacement Worth It? 

  1. Cost-benefit analysis

It is generally accepted that ink cartridges cost a lot more than the utility the consumer derives from them. This is especially true for original ink cartridges. From the cost angle, cartridge replacement isn’t worth it. 

  1. Environmental impact

Ethough cartridges are sometimes recycled, a lot of them just end up taking up a lot of space in the trash can, and polluting the environment. From an environmental angle, it is not worth it. 

  1. Warranty and technical support

If your printer has a warranty, refilling your cartridge will probably be against the terms and conditions of your warranty. When you refill, you give up possible technical assistance. From this angle, buying a cartridge is worth it. 

How to refill printer ink cartridge?

 Whether you want to avoid cartridge replacement for the cost or simply for environmental concerns, refilling your cartridge is very easy. Follow these steps, and your cartridge will be good as new. 

  1. Buy a good ink refill kit, and read its instruction manual. 
  2. Arrange old papers or towels on the worktop to hold ink spill. Also wear a pair of gloves. 
  3. Remove your ink cartridge:

You might have to consult your printer user manual for this step. Often, different brands of printers have different methods of cartridge removal.

  1. Some ink cartridges already have holes for refilling. Check the  body of your ink cartridge to see if it has holes. If it has holes, you are good to go. Jump to step 6.  If it doesn’t, you’ll have to go to step 5.
  2. If your cartridge doesn’t have hole, you have to drill a tiny hole with the puncture tool that came with your ink refill kit. If your kit didn’t come with a puncture tool, try to puncture carefully with a pen, or any other similar object you find around. 
  3. Fill the syringe in your ink refill kit with ink from ink-bottle. Insert the syringe into the hole on your cartridge. Press the plunger, and gradually fill your cartridge with ink. 
  4. When ink begins spilling from the hole, know that the cartridge is full. Pull back the plunger to take out a little ink from the cartridge. 
  5. Seal the hole with tape, and insert your cartridge in your printer. 
  6. If your cartridge has multiple colours, repeat the steps for all the colours, then test the cartridge by printing a sheet. 

If you enjoy doing things yourself, then refilling your cartridge is the perfect printer DIY for you. You might want to stay away from it, however, if you are not technically inclined or plain clumsy.


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