February 2

How To Recycle Printer Cartridges


Maybe you’re wondering what to do with unused printer ink cartridges?

There are times when we can’t seem to find the time to discard used printer cartridges (or even unused), so we keep accumulating them until they begin to clog up the office and invite dirt. Most people would discard them normally like every other unwanted office equipment, but that is not environmentally friendly. 

Printer cartridge is the heart of a printer as it carries 70% of printing technology while the toner is the heart of the cartridge. So, to recycle printer cartridges, you must take into consideration the cartridge components for proper recycling methods. 

Remember, there are two types of printer cartridges:

  1. Ink Cartridge
  2. Toner Cartridge

Now, what are the methods of recycling printer cartridges? There are four methods of recycling printer cartridges.

Methods of Recycling Printer Cartridges 

  • Office Retailers Store: Check your retailer’s store for the possibility of accepting your used printer cartridges. Many will be happy to do so. You could check their websites if they carry out such responsibility of recycling ink or toner cartridges. Some examples include Office Depot, Office Maxx, and Staples.
  • Local Recycling Facilities: These are recycling centers that accept used printer cartridges for recycling. They are available locally. However, if you can’t find one around your locality, then visit Earth911.com to locate the one closest to you. Follow the instructions given, and you will find the one you can approach to discard your ink or toner cartridge for recycling. Also, there is this recycling app offered by Earth911.com known as iRecycle, with over 1,600,000 ways you can use to recycle 350 materials. 
  • Selling your used or empty printer cartridge: Do you know you can make some extra cash with your empty or used printer cartridge? By using eCycle Group, you can use your empty or used printer cartridge to fundraise some money. When you collect some quantity of these empty or used printer cartridges according to qualification, print out your free shipping label and paste it on the package to be sent off to eCycle Group. Make sure the cartridge is in good condition by wrapping it very well in newspaper or bubble wrap before shipping it over.
  •  Refilling of Used Ink Cartridge: Another approach of recycling printer cartridges is refilling of the ink cartridge. You can easily lay your hands on a refill kit from a stationery or office store and refill an empty ink cartridge. Refill kit comprises a syringe, ink bottle, pin for screwing the ink bottle head, disposable hand glove and refilling instruction. If you want to refill the empty ink cartridge, perforate the ink bottle end and now inject the syringe to draw up the ink from the ink bottle, pull it out and inject it into the ink cartridge according to a measured quantity. You can now use your ink cartridge again. Make sure the refill kit bought is specifically for the ink cartridge model. This process is just for a while because, with time, you will need to buy a completely new ink cartridge.


By proper printer cartridge recycling practise, you can help save our ecosystem from environmental degradation. Substances like carbon can be prevented from causing land pollution if serious attempts are made to protect our environment. 


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