February 2

How To Add Printers On Chromebook


Chromebook is designed to aid a  more flexible and easier work using an advanced google chrome operating system with a cloud storage component. Although quite unfamiliar to many, you can use the Chromebook software for both traditional and advanced functions, including printing documents and images on your computer.

This article provides simple steps on how to add the printer on Chromebook for direct document and image printing.

The first thing you need to know on how to add Printer on Chromebook computers or laptops is that you can set your printer to your Chromebook using either of two options; wireless or cabled connection. 

It is also important to note that you can use your Chromebook both online via a wireless connection,  and offline without a connection to the internet, using offline- functionary apps and services that work incognito.

How to add Printer on Chromebook using cables

You can set up a  Printer on Chromebook using wired cable devices to conveniently print your documents from your Chromebook computer or laptops. You don’t need the wifi or wired internet connection to do this. Rather, you need a USB cable to connect the printer to the computer following these procedures.

Step 1:  Connect one end of your cable ( or adapter depending on your printer type) to your printer, then connect the other end to your Chromebook. Ensure your printer is on

Step 2:  Open your Chromebook setting on the bottom right corner of your computer screen and type in “print” to reveal the printing option.

Step 3: From the highlighted options on the screen, select “printers” to click the “Add Printer” button.

Step 4: The next option is to select your printer using its identity. Click on your printer.

Step 5: Click on the “Add” button to attach your printer to your Chromebook.

Once this is set and the printer connected manually to your Chromebook through the cable, you are set to commence printing documents and images from your system.  

How to add Printer on Chromebook via a wireless connection

A lot of printer types are modeled with compatibility features for a wireless and wired connection. To set up a printer to Chromebook using the wifi, you don’t need any extraneous plugins or apps. You simply ensure that both the computer and the printer are both on and connected within close range to the same wifi router.

To connect your printer to the Wifi, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual for proper connection as these wireless printers usually come with peculiar setup features. For printers with touch screen control panels such as some recent HP and Canon laser image printers, you should click on the setup menu for wireless setup wizard. Thereafter, follow the ensuing instructions to connect the printer to the wifi.

To  seamlessly connect your Chromebook to your printer using the wifi, ensure to follow these step by step procedures:

Step 1: put on your wifi with both the computer and printer connected to the same wireless device.

Step 2: On the right down corner of your Chromebook screen, click on the time section for setting

Step 3: On the setting option, scroll down to the bottom and  select “advanced”

Step 4: Go to printing section to select “printers”

Step 5: Click on “add printer” to select your printer, or add the identity of your printer for connection. 

With this setup done, you can conveniently print web pages, images, and documents from whichever app on your Chromebook.

Note:  With the new Chromebook design with Google’s Chrome OS, you can conveniently print your documents, webpages, and images directly either through USB or wireless connection to your printer(currently, Chromebook is not fit for Bluetooth connection) as long as you purchase the right Chromebook -compatible printer. Most recent printers have these features. 


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