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How To Maintain a Plotter


Laser plotters are a valuable tool for businesses, especially those that use them routinely. With their variety of features and functions together with the many tasks they are able to replace, they have proven their worth in businesses, refurbishing the entire graphics and printing industries. However, like any other machine, these printers need to be maintained. Servicing your laser plotter will not only ensure its proper operation and efficiency but will also extend its life and improve your company’s productivity.

However, given the complexity of a laser printer, there are some things you need to know to successfully maintain it, and it’s a good idea to ask an expert about the basics. Understanding the machine’s basics will make it easier for you to perform the maintenance and allow you to maximize its potential.

To assist you in your noble venture to maintain your laser printer, enlisted are some helpful tips you can follow:

1. Lightly Clean the Plotter on a Daily Basis:

Regularly wiping down the machine and its components with a cotton swab or dampened with a cleaning solution is a good way of ensuring the laser plotter would at least look good, which is very important to business owners. Keep in mind that this simple chore will help you avert buildup of grime and ensure that your machine won’t emit a bad odor from dirt that’s built up inside.

2. Invest in an External Waste Ink Reservoir:

The waste ink storage station is an option that you can choose to help your laser printer retain its quality over a longer period. According to tech geeks, ink waste is one of the major reasons why laser printers fail. Cleaning it out regularly can certainly help prolong the machine’s life. Investing in a waste ink storage unit is a practical solution to this problem, although there are other ways you can handle it. You can either use carbon cleaning mediums or buy a new printer if your machine has already failed.

3. Perform Regular Head Cleanings:

Cleaning the heads is important for the plotter’s health and longevity. It may not be easy to find out which components need to be cleaned, but you can learn this from the manual. Head cleaning is a process whereby you remove the ink buildup on the machine. Getting rid of these buildups is important because they can affect the performance of your laser printer, and they can also reduce its accuracy and affect its print quality.

4. Cover the Plotter When Not in Use:

When a laser printer is left idle, it’s vulnerable to dust accumulation. To prevent these particulates from affecting the machine’s operation, you need to cover it with a dust cover to give it some protection. This will also protect it from damage and keep it safe from hazards that may be found in a working environment, such as electrical cords, tools, or other office supplies.

5. Call Professionals:

Even if these simple maintenance tips can help you save money, it is important to remember that they are still extremely basic. In fact, they are just enough for you to get started. If you wish to make things better and more efficient, then you might want to consider calling a laser printer technician. You may say you’re too busy to plan your printer’s maintenance, but the truth is inefficiency, and ineffective work tools can cost you a lot. Experts with proper and updated knowledge and experience can be more helpful compared to unverified self-service sources.


The idea of maintaining a laser printer may be daunting to some, but it is a good investment for you, your business, and your company. So don’t delay! Take the appropriate steps to ensure the smooth and effective operation of your printer, and reap the positive rewards.


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