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Generic Toner/Ink vs. Genuine Toner/Ink


Generic Toner vs. Genuine Toners: What Is Better?

Printers, with their ever-changing technology, advancing features, and compatibility with most devices, have become an integral part of our work, whether it be for home/office or business offices. In the business world, where every company is growing and usually expanding, the need for a printer which is working correctly is greatly demanded. Providing indispensable help, they have settled as one of the most crucial office equipment and a basic necessity to every work environment.

For work and business, your printer is a large determinant of the quality of your outputs. Outstanding print quality, high compatibility level, and ease of use are just a handful of characteristics that a printer needs to have. However, we often forget that the core features of any printer are dependent on one critical and crucial component – toners.

What Are Toner and Ink?

Toners and Ink are small printer consumables that help you to produce high-quality prints, line by line. Also known as laser toner cartridges or printer ink, it is responsible for producing high-quality images as well as text on paper. These are of both black and color inks and toners. While black ink and toner focus on producing black text and images on the paper, color printers utilize a combination of yellow, cyan, and magenta, the three primary colors, produce colored prints.

Understanding What Genuine Toner Or Ink Means:

When you are buying genuine toner or ink, you are paying for cartridges that have been optimized to work with the specific printer model you are using. These are printer ink or toner cartridges that come with the printer in question. They have been manufactured per the printer’s unique specifications. Thus, they have been verified to work well. It’s critical to understand that every printer has its unique characteristics, which can sometimes be hard to verify. Especially for inkjet printers, different models and brands can possess different types and sizes of nozzles, which could easily result in different results and print issues. To make it easy for you – the consumers – companies usually invest more in the production of these original toners and ink. And as a result, these companies can be more strict when it comes to the standard of the ink. This standard signifies the precision, consistency, and quality of the toner. Furthermore, like in any other industry, original toners are usually more expensive than generic ones, but they offer better quality, as well.

Understanding What Generic Toner Or Ink Means:

If you are looking to save on ink or toner, you should also be aware of the term generic. These consumable items are usually manufactured by third-party companies or generic to the manufacturer. While they could produce similar quality of the original toners, these are usually produced with the approval of the original maker, varying from each other. Due to the fact that these are produced by a third party, they are often more affordable than the original toners, and also, these are what companies use to refill their printer tanks. Especially for multi-purpose printers, it is not easy to customize a cartridge for a specific type of paper or paper size. Therefore, generic cartridges are a good alternative since they have good adaptability.

Then come the remanufactured cartridges and refurbished toners. The term remanufactured refers to the fact that these are recycled cartridges, which originally belong to a different printer’s ink or toner. Thus, they contain recycled materials. These are generic and refilled with cheaper ink or toner and are usually not recommended by the printer manufacturers, for they can produce varying print results and can also damage your machine, as well. Refurbished toners, on the other hand, are original toners returned to the manufacturer and then re-used and refilled. These are bags with smaller chances of producing the same print quality as original toners, but their prices are a bit more reasonable.

10 Major Differences Between Genuine And Generic(Remanufactured) Toner/Ink:

Here, we’ve compared the advantages and disadvantages of both genuine and generic toners. Take a look at the chart below to make the right decision based on your need.

1. Quality:

Quality is a big topic of discussion when you are comparing the different options. The fact is, genuine ink and toner are going to yield better and more consistent quality. While that doesn’t mean you can’t find comparable generic or remanufactured ink or toner, it simply means it will deliver the most consistent high-quality output. Yes, there will be times when you may see slightly different colors of the same output or see small ink blotches, but ultimately, the print quality should remain to be stable and excellent. With generic or remanufactured toner or ink, you will receive varying print results, which is also dependent on the quality of that particular toner and ink. However, just like we said earlier, the keyword here is consistency. Your prints are going to vary, which could affect your work if you are using them for your school, office, or business. And if your business is in print, it is better to stick to genuine ink or toner to ensure the quality of the output, which ultimately translates into your revenue.

Overall, when print quality is a priority as opposed to price, you should better stick to the genuine toner or ink. They will help you remain consistent and produce quality print, which might be critical in your work or business.

2. Page Yield:

Page yield refers to the number of pages that a single toner cartridge can yield with single toning. For instance, a genuine toner cartridge can yield up to 1,000 pages, and the generic toner can provide up to 900 pages. It means that a genuine toner has a bigger page yield than the generic one. Thus, it relies on the fact that the genuine toner is made per the printer’s specific need, and this ensures that it will not go to waste until it is used to its maximum yield. However, that is not to say that generic toner or ink doesn’t last. It simply means that the page yield of generic toner is not maximum, compared to the genuine one. However, since most of the time, 1,000 pages is enough, it is better to purchase the genuine toner since it ensures a bigger page yield, which means you won’t have to worry about whether the toner is still functional or not in your printer.

3. Risk of Malfunctioning:

With the quality and page yield of genuine toner being offered, it becomes even more important to pay attention to the risk of a possible malfunctioning. Since the quality and page yield of genuine toner is assured, they are guaranteed to work properly from the very start. Most generic and remanufactured toner that you find in the market will work, but it will not be guaranteed. The biggest concern for this kind of toner and ink is the risk of malfunctioning and damaging your printer. It may take a while to produce the issue, but when it comes time to replace the cartridge, these issues might surface on your printer, which will result in a waste of time and money. Again, this is applicable to remanufactured and refurbished toner cartridges as well. One can never know the level of use the toner has gone through. But with the genuine toner, its quality is ensured, and it is also well-known that the printer or ink is of high-quality. This will ensure that the quality of the print will remain to be intact.

4. Environmental Impact:

Wastage translates to environmental issues. When you are investing in excessive toner, you are producing more waste, and which means you are endangering the environment even more. Although remanufactured toner is a good alternative since it can. Again, reduce waste by up to 50% ~ 60%. It still means that there is a chance that the remanufactured toner will produce waste; at least, it doesn’t completely eliminate the waste. In the end, the greater impact and cost is still on you, the consumers.

5. Compatibility:

If you are using a genuine toner or ink cartridge, you will be ensured that your printer and the toner are compatible with each other. Your printer will only accept genuine toner cartridges, and that will prevent malfunctions and broken machines. The printer and cartridge will be designed and designed to work together. Due to these specifications, compatible units have better warranties and guarantees. This further ensures that your money is well-spent. Remanufactured toners or inks of the same serial number as your printer will make a perfect replacement too, but there can be expectations of some compatibility issues like if a printer is designed for specific paper size, a generic toner may not be able to produce the same printer output.

6. Cost-Saving:

If your main concern is cost-savings, you will be better off with generic toner or ink cartridge. However, when your brand’s presence is crucial, it can be a bad idea if you are using incompatible generic toners or inks since they could damage your printer and the print. For smaller businesses and offices, cost-saving may be a critical factor for where you are looking to save some money. When generic toners or ink doesn’t allow you to have more pages, the cost-savings themselves is no longer relative. You may still be saving money on the initial costs, but you will end up paying more to get your printer repaired.

In general, if you are putting your business on the front line, you must consider the effects of using cheap generic toner or ink cartridge. A better idea would be to stick to the genuine toner or ink and make quality print your priority. Using genuine toner and ink will help your business to flourish at every level. In the long run, it will definitely help you to save money and will further help your business to grow.

7. Print Performance:

Every printer comes with a rated PPM, which is indirectly dependent on how performant installed toner or ink is. You can achieve maximum outputs only when the toner is used correctly, according to the manufacturer’s directions. So, if you are using remanufactured toner or ink, you are ultimately sacrificing print quality for cost-effectiveness and convenience. It will work perfectly fine as long as you don’t ask them to print files with high resolution and that at the printer’s peak speed. Another thing to consider is that the printer’s toner or ink or some other parts of the printer can be somewhat affected when you use remanufactured toner or ink. Printing articles, letters, or anything else is one thing, but a toner cartridge is totally different. It can only produce the same output consistently as long as it is used with genuine toner that is recommended by the printer manufacturer. So, it is important to note that although the printer has been designed to work with every compatible toner or ink, the quality and performance are guaranteed only with the original one.

8. Voiding of Warranty:

Many manufacturers will void their printer’s warranty if you use generic toner or ink. The point is that one will lose a part of the printer’s warranty when you use the third party ink or toner. So, if there is a slight issue related to the printer and the cartridge that you are using, the company will not be responsible for repairing it within the warranty period. Nowadays, it is impossible to find a printer manufacturer that doesn’t void its warranty with generic ink or toner. The question is, do you really want to take your chances? Regardless of whether it is a known and new brand, the use of cheap generic ink or toner is going to void the warranty.


Remanufactured or Generic is good for most purposes, but you just need to do research on the vendor before you buy. Another option might be to find out the toner/ink that the printer company uses and purchase it in the form of a refill. However, the most important thing here is how critical is the print quality to you, and most importantly, how much the printer is for? If you are just using it for business or for a school project, then you better up stick to the original toner. However, if you are buying a printer for your home, then it is totally fine to go for a remanufactured toner.

With all that said, the ultimate decision lies in your hands. Choose wisely, and you will be experiencing the best of it.


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