February 8

How To Find Printer IP Address


If your printer is a networked one, many of the activities you want to use your printer for will require your printer’s unique IP address. 

Whether it is performing tasks or even troubleshooting, you’ll need your printer IP address. It is important you know your printer IP address for you to have the best printer-usage experience.  

In this post, we have identified some ways to find your printer IP address Some of these ways will be discussed in this post, but first, we need to know what exactly your printer IP address is, and why it is so important to your printer. 

What Is A Printer IP Address? 

Your printer IP address is a set of digits used for identification. It is just 12 digits, and it is used to establish various connections between your printer and other devices, or even the internet. When you think of your IP address, think of it as your home address or email address. 

Your printer needs it to connect, and when there is any problem with your printer, you need to start tracing the source of the problem right from your printer IP address. 

How to find your printer IP address

Your printer IP Address can be found through four common ways. 

Windows 10

If your desktop or laptop is a Windows one, this is probably the easiest way to find your printer IP address. 

  1. Look for the control panel icon. It is the icon with magnifying lens, and it is usually at the bottom left corner of your laptop or desktop. 
  2. Open control panel on your laptop or desktop. 
  3. Click on Hardware and Sound. 
  4. Click device and printers. 
  5. Right click your printer, then select properties. 
  6. Multiple tabs will appear. Select the web services tab. 
  7. Scroll down. The IP address of your printer should be at the end of Device Information. 


If you are working with a desktop or laptop, that is a MAC, then this is just for you. 

  1. Open system preferences. 
  2. Select Printer and Scanners. 
  3. All connected printers will be displayed in the left column. 
  4. Right click  your printer. You will see your printer IP address below Location. 

Router login

If you have access to your router, no matter the type of desktop or laptop you are using, this method is sure to work. 

  1. Open a web browser, then type your router IP address in the space for the web address. 
  2. You need  to login here. 
  3. Click on the client table or client list. You will get a list of all connected devices. 
  4. Click on your printer. You will see your printer’s unique IP address. 

Printer Menu

If you want to get  it directly from your printer menu, this is the way to go. 

  1. Select home on your printer. 
  2. Click on wireless settings. 
  3. A box will be displayed. On most occasions, the IP address is displayed at the top of this box. 
  4. If the IP address is not there, click on wireless details, and you’ll have your printer IP address on your screen. 

Now that you know how to find your printer IP address, you can begin connecting to new devices, and tackling network problems like a professional.


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