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What Is An Ecotank Printer?


Since they were introduced in 2015 by Epson, one of the world’s largest printer manufacturers, the economic implications of EcoTank printers has been a subject of discussion among printer users. 

Apparently, the discussion of the economic implication goes beyond the printer itself. There’s the printer, the ink, output quality, durability, and even speed. Of course, some people say that EcoTank printers have more advantages than disadvantages and there are people who disagree. 

Maybe you are thinking of getting an EcoTank printer. Before you do, there are things you need to know about the EcoTank technology generally, and the printers that use the technology. 

What Is An Ecotank Printer? 

You know laser printers use toner, and inkjet printers use ink. The EcoTank printer uses ink as well, but fortunately for the consumer, it doesn’t need a cartridge. This is because the EcoTank printer has large ink receptacles that can be refilled with ink. 

So, if you think of inkjet printers as someone who drinks bottled water, think of EcoTank printers as someone who uses a cup to take water from a large water dispenser. The ink you get from the purchase of an EcoTank printer is much, and according to Epson, it can serve your printing needs for up to 2years. An EcoTank printer is basically a no-cartridge printer that houses a lot of ink and can be refilled. 

Why Was Ecotank Introduced? 

The simple answer would be to make profit. Isn’t that why organizations do all they do? It may seem unbelievable that a deal as nice as the EcoTank technology would benefit the organization that provides it, but it is true. To make profit, an organization first has to find out the problems of the customers and find solutions to them. That is exactly what Epson did. Let’s look into some of  the problems of the average printer-user that Epson solved with the EcoTank technology. 

  1. Cartridge replacement cost:

You buy a printer not so long ago, and you realize that the output is no longer clear, or a particular color is fading. You automatically know it is time to get a new cartridge. Cartridge replacement, though costly has become part of the life of the average printer user. It was the unavoidable evil for both laser and inkjet printer users until Epson made cartridge purchase avoidable. The introduction of the EcoTank printer made it possible to use the printer without cartridges, thereby boycotting the high cost of cartridges. This way, Epson solved a major problem of printer users, and got itself customers. 

  1. The dried-ink problem:

If you are using an inkjet printer, you have probably had to deal with dried ink. After spending a ridiculously high amount on a cartridge, you leave your printer for a few weeks, and the ink dries up. It is really frustrating to printer users, so Epson solved the problem by introducing the EcoTank that can store large volumes of ink without drying up. The EcoTank ink is stored in large containers, and don’t use the absorbent sponges  in inkjet printers, so till you use up all the ink in your EcoTank, you can be assured that your ink is safe from drying out

  1. Environmental problem:

The world is going green, and so is Epson. What better way is there to get the patronage of the environmentally responsible people if not by providing environmentally friendly alternatives? 

The EcoTank ensures that all the energy wasted on the production of ink cartridges is diverted to other uses. It also reduces the environmental pollution caused by ink cartridges. Whether you throw used cartridges in the trash, or you go through the stress of recycling them, it is still not environmentally friendly. Epson solved the cartridge problem by giving a cartridge-free alternative with the EcoTank technology. 

How Does The Ecotank Work? 

Other than using the EcoTank instead of cartridge, EcoTank printers also come with other features that make the transition from the ink cartridge to refillable tank easy. These features are majorly in the design, and are often overlooked. They might seem insignificant, but trust me, your EcoTank experience will be awful without them. 

Features that make EcoTank printers easy to use

  1. EcoTank ink:

The EcoTank ink was specially designed for EcoTank printers. According to Epson, the ink was made so it wouldn’t dry up, unlike the average Inkjet ink. Its expiration date is also longer than the two years expiration date which the average inkjet ink offers. It probably sounds like normal stuff, but imagine if the expiration date of EcoTank ink was 2years, and the ink volume also lasts for up to 2years. The printer-user would probably have to print extra so that he can use up the ink before its expiration date. 

  1. Cover holder:

The existence of a cover holder might seem negligible, but it is not. If you get a large ink tank that can serve you for up to two years once full, what could possibly go wrong? A lot. Many printer users are clumsy and forgetful, so while refilling, they can misplace the cover of the ink tank. If that happens, they’ll probably need to get a replacement. Epson solved the issue by adding cover holders to the design. With the cover holder, it will be close to impossible for a printer-user to lose his ink tank cover. Genius, isn’t it? 

  1. Refill design:

It seems a lot of the changes in EcoTank comes in the aspect of refill. The ink tank was specially designed with a sprout that reduces leaking. Of course, it can get messy while you are refilling, but if you are careful, you can fill your ink tank without spilling a drop of ink. Epson also adds a line to the ink tank to indicate when the tank has reached its highest capacity. As an extra precaution, or just for the sake of stubborn users, Epson also ensures that tank-filling will automatically stop the moment the tank reaches its ink-holding capacity. 

The Two Sides To The Amazing Ecotank Printers

There are numerous advantages to using an EcoTank printer, but there are disadvantages as well. After all, nothing can be completely perfect without any flaws. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of the EcoTank printer are:

  1. Cheap printing:

Ink in inkjet printers are expensive. Toner in laser printers is also expensive. If you are using any of these printers, you also have to invest in cartridges. EcoTank solves the cost problem by making ink available without the cost of cartridge replacement. Arguably, EcoTank printers save 5 times more cost than laser printers, and about 7times more cost than inkjet printers. The availability of ink reduces the cost per page of printing, and makes printing very cheap. 

  1. Lot of ink:

When you buy your EcoTank printer, it comes with more ink than you know what to do with. With up to two years of not bothering about ink refill and 11,200 printed pages, your EcoTank printer is the real deal in terms of convenience and cost. Even after leaving your printer idle for some weeks, you can be assured that the ink will be in good condition when you get back, as it doesn’t dry. 

  1. All the ink mess:

Refilling EcoTank printers can be messy. As much as Epson tried to reduce the mess, it can still be really messy. Of course, some people can refill without getting ink all over, but there are other people who just can’t do without spilling the ink. You can wear a pair of gloves when refilling so you won’t get ink on your hand, but either way, the EcoTank is a messy alternative to cartridge. 

  1. High printer purchase cost:

Organizations that produce printers don’t generate much money from the printer. Most of the money comes from toner, cartridge, and ink sale. Unfortunately, Epson is no exception. Since Epson is giving all that ink that lasts for two years with the new printer, it would only be expected that the initial purchase price of the printer would be high. Although in the long run, the deal is fair, the cost might be too much to bear at once. 

  1. Great print quality:

The EcoTank printer prints very high quality images and documents. Its output is clear, and its ink is of good quality.

  1. Environmentally Friendly: 

If the Earth could speak, it would probably thank Epson for helping to reduce cartridge waste. The EcoTank is good for the environment, as it ensures that energy wasted in cartridge production and recycling is diverted to other uses.

  1. No compatible ink:

If you think you can  use your EcoTank printer with some mass-produced ink, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. The moment you get an  EcoTank printer, you can say goodbye to compatible ink because EcoTank ink was made specially for EcoTank printers. 

Is The Ecotank Printer Good For Me? 

The idea of getting an EcoTank printer may  seem exciting to you, but you might not even need it for your printing needs. EcoTank printers were made to satisfy the needs of a set of customers, and if you are not one of those customers, an EcoTank printer might not be a wise investment. 

How to know if an EcoTank printer is good for you. 

  1. Print volume:

How often do you print? If you print often, then investing in an EcoTank printer is probably good for you. The EcoTank printer will serve all your ink needs, as your ink tank contains enough ink to do your job. 

  1. Speed or quality:

EcoTank  printers give very high quality print output, but they are quite slow. If your print requirement is more about quality than quantity, then an EcoTank printer would be nice for you. If  you are impatient, and can’t stand the wait time, don’t get an EcoTank printer. 

  1. Personality:

If you are that clumsy person who will probably knock the ink bottle off the table while refilling, or spill ink everywhere, you might not want to get an EcoTank printer. An EcoTank printer requires a level of care and routine maintenance, so before you buy it, make sure you can take care of it. 

Best Ecotank Printer 

There are different EcoTank printers in the market to satisfy the customers’ printing needs. Each one has its individual traits and the features that makes it different from the next. Here are some of the best EcoTank printers:

  1. Epson EcoTank ET-2720:

This EcoTank printer comes with all the fantastic features that’ll make you Ditch the other printers. It is excellent for both home and office use, and it will definitely replace your coloured laser printer

Features of Epson EcoTank ET-2720

  • It can print 7,500 pages in black and 6,000 pages in colour. 
  • The EcoTank printer has a very large paper tray that can take 250 sheets. 
  • It has an automatic document feeder, and allows automatic 2-sided printing. 
  • It has the speed of 15ppm for black and 8ppm for colour printing. 
  • It is equipped with voice activated printing.
  1. Epson Expression ET-2760 EcoTank Printer:

This printer was made for both your home and business needs. It provides high quality output, and even allows printing without a PC. 

Features of Epson Expression ET-2760 EcoTank printer

  • It can print directly from the SD card without a PC. 
  • It can print 7500 black and 6000 coloured pages. 
  • It can function as a printer, copier, and scanner. 
  • It allows voice activated printing. 
  • It allows automatic 2-sided printing.
  1. Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Printer:

This printer is one of the best printers for office use. Unlike many EcoTank printers, it also functions as a Fax machine. 

Features of Epson EcoTank ET-3760 printer 

  • It has a 30 sheets automatic feeder. 
  • It can function as a scanner, printer and copier. 
  • It has the speed of 15ppm for black printing and 8ppm for colour printing. 
  • It has a 150-sheet tray. 

Bottom Line

Buying a printer can be hard, given all the factors that have to be considered. Of course, each customer has his own needs and preferences, but based on the average features, the Epson Expression ET-2760 EcoTank Printer is probably the best EcoTank printer in the market. 


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