February 2

How To Dispose Printers


Getting rid of electronics such as printers when you don’t need them anymore can be a big task. Especially when you live in a society that is e-driven.

You can’t imagine the quantity of e-tech wares generated as waste every day from both big and small companies.

There are 3 ways you can dispose of unwanted printers. They include:

  1. Recycling
  2. Donation 
  3. Selling


In order not to dispose of your printer indiscriminately, the best way to go about it is recycling. It is the only environmentally friendly way you can get rid of your unwanted printer. 

Besides, it is also very fast and easy to dispose of your printer this way. There are several recycling centers you can contact to get rid of any printer that you are not using again. 

The likes of Retailer Best Buy have a recycle bin in the store where you can easily dump your unwanted printer. 

There are other stores that have recycling programs like Best Buy around your neighborhood. Also Target, Staples, and Office Depot to name but a few.

There is nothing as good as the ability to get what you want when you want it. Therefore, recycling your unwanted electronics should not be a burden for you.

Also, check for e-waste collection centers in your area, locality, or community. This is another place that you can take your unwanted printer to. You can browse the internet for the location of such e-waste centers.

Some cities or counties hold days or weekend-long events to collect waste. On such occasions, you can easily drop off your printer and walk away. 


You may decide to give out your unwanted printer because what is trash to one man may be a treasure to another. The only condition to this method of getting rid of your printer is that it has to be in the right condition. 

Many organizations will be happy to accept your printer you want to throw away and put it to judicious use. Schools, Not-for-profits, community organizations, recreation centers, and charities will thank you a lot if you decide to donate your unwanted printer to them.

Don’t forget that by so doing, you are building a good relationship between you and the community. Also, when you help an organization in need, you are building an excellent reputation within the community. 

Even if you think, “my printer is not working, there’s no need to give out an electronic that has packed up”, you can still give it out because some organizations can get it sold or better still, exchange it for a gift.


It is not a bad idea to sell an unwanted printer out even at a reduced price if it is still in good condition. Companies are ready to buy it in that current condition, refurbish it and then, resell it. 

You can post your labeled printer on social media such as Facebook or Twitter and tag it for sale. You can equally list it on Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, and Bonanza for sale. These are online marketplaces.

You can also use the services of printersjack.com or sellyourprinters.com to sell your printer. 

If you make some cash from your old printer, it will assist you to get a new one.


Whichever way you choose to dispose of your printer, think of the environment. Because there are dangers associated with indiscriminate disposal of electronic gadgets.

Apart from this is the fact that you could be fined if you are caught unlawfully disposing of your printer. 


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