February 9

Where Can I Use a Computer and Printer Near Me?


It is not unusual that you wake up in the morning, plan your day, but somewhere down the line arises a situation that deviates from the initial plan. This is true of life, not so?

Take for instance, you’re going about your business sometime in the day, and going through your mail, you realize an urgent need to work on a computer with uninterrupted internet supply, what do you do? 

Let’s even assume you’re at home, but your computer broke down… it’s a machine after all, or for any reason, your service provider suddenly came down with a technical challenge. How do you attend to your need for a computer or even a printer in such dire moments? You’ll soon find out.

Where can you find a computer and printer for use?

The best way to always have your need taken cared of in dire moments like this is to have had a plan. The plan is simple: to scout the area for any of these places (that will be highlighted in the next paragraph) near you. Then, you only need to go to any designated place (within proximity) that renders the required service.


Public libraries are generally with decent computers and good Wi-Fi connection and are accessible for free (although some may charge a little for printing). Library hours vary with locations; hence, you’ll be wise to find out, lest you’re hung out to dry in your time of need.

Cafes and Restaurants

Nowadays, many restaurants and coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi access (or you may have to ask the owner for the Wi-Fi password and it may attract a little charge). That way, you can log in to the internet with your laptop or phone. Nevertheless, note that open sources like this are not secure.

Fedex/Kinkos Outlets

Another reliable place to get a computer and a printer is any Fedex/Kinkos outlet near you? Rest assured, any Fedex/Kinkos outlet around you won’t fail..


Some, if not all, hotels offer their guests Wi-Fi access; they also have an open-guest network for the passer-by, who can access the network from the lobby. Some offer lodging services that suit business travelers. That is, your room is fitted with devices required for your work, such as a fax machine, a computer, and a printer.

A Friend’s House

Your computer might have broken down, but your friend’s is intact, or his internet connection is uninterrupted. A friend should be willing to lend a helping hand by sharing his internet connection or printer.

Community Center

Community centers, especially in large cities, often have computer labs with free Wi-Fi connections. You can access the internet within the hours and usage limits.

The Office

It is most likely that your office provides internet connection with which you can address your need; an added advantage is internet connection in offices are usually secured. You can also print out materials if need be. However, you may want to clear this usage from your boss because it may be counted an offence to use office properties for personal use.

You can plan for everything, no doubt, but uncertainties can be included in your planning. A wise man always has a plan B he can fall back on.


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