February 2

How to Clear Printer Queue


About to print a whole pack of documents and you suddenly realize it’s the wrong one? Perhaps, right in the middle of a deadline, your messy printer picks no better time than now to pull a threat on your long labored job and waste your time with it. You don’t need a hard one to discontinue the Printer Queue from printing the stuck documents. This article sets to teach you simple steps on how to clear printer queue with three alternate procedures; using the service tool, the command keys, and the control panel method.     

How to clear printer queue using  the Service Tool

Step 1: press the window key on your system and type “services” in the open box

Step 2: scroll down the list with your cursor to find Print spooler.

Step 3: right-click on Print spooler, then click Stop from the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 4: simultaneously press the windows button+E.  This will open a file explorer window.

Step 5: Type “%windir%\system32\spool\printer” into the bar displayed at the top of the menu. This will pop up a folder box

Step 6: delete all the files in the folder.

Your printer queue should now be cleared.

 To enable new printing:

Step 7:restart the print spooler by pressing the Windows key to type “service” again.

Step 8: Scroll down to Print spooler.

Step 9:  right-click to select Start on the drop-down menu.

Now, you can print new documents from the Print Queue.

How To Clear Printer Queue Using The Command Tool

For your windows version 7,8 and 10, you can easily clear the printer queue using the command keys by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Press the Windows Start key.

Step 2: type “command”

Step 3: right-click on the command tool to reveal Command prompt.

Step 4: select run as Administrator on the dropbox

Step 5: Type “ net stop spooler” then press enter.

Step 6: type “del %system root%\system 32\ spool\printers\* /Q”. Press enter

Step 7 :  type “net start spooler” then press enter to restart printing.

How To Clear Printer Queue using the control panel

This  third procedure provides easy tips on how to clear printer queue using the control panel method. Follow these simple, quick steps to eliminate stuck documents from your printer queue.

Step 1: press the start menu button on your windows computer.

Step 2: on the right pane of the start menu, navigate and click on Devices and Printer 

Step 3: right- click on Devices and Printer to display a new menu.

Step 4: on the top of the menu, select see what’s printing to display a new menu of documents that have been  lined up for printing.

Step 5: click printer on the top of the menu

Step 6: select Cancel all Documents to clear all the documents from the Printing queue.

Note: The alternate procedures above are all workable for a host of Windows operating systems and other computer software systems including Windows 7,8,10, XP and vista computers. 


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