January 7

Black & White Printer Versus Color Printer: Which Is Best for You?


The good thing about being in a place where different people can innovate and present their findings to the world, is choice. There are various different manufacturers out there, each claiming to have an edge, or a benefit over another manufacturer.

This presents great opportunities for you, the end-user, when it comes to choosing a printer.

However, the downside of being in a place where different people can innovate and present their findings to the world, is choice. Again.

You see, while the abundance of choices can seem like a great thing, they actually present quite the challenge. You will have to go through tens of manufacturers to find the printer that is best for you.

When you choose to settle on one type, a different manufacturer comes out with a different product that is superior to what you settle for, at the same price! The horror!

Luckily, we know a few things about printers and we will strive to make choosing one an easy affair for you.


The actual cost of an item is one thing that will determine whether you buy that printer or not. In most cases, buyers will usually run to the one that offers them significant savings upfront.

If this is the criteria you go for, then there can only be one winner. That is the black and white, or as is also known, the monochrome printer. This is true for both the LaserJet and Inkjet printers. However, that’s just a part of the story.

You also have to consider what it would be like in terms of cost per page. This will be determined greatly by the type of printing that you are going to be doing.

If you are simply going to be printing monochrome pages, then that monochrome printer will serve you best. However, if you are looking to get more value from your pages by their presentation, then a color printer is something you definitely should look at.

As is common knowledge, color printing is a bit more expensive in comparison to monochrome printing. This will usually work out to around 5 cents per page of color printing, but will rise to between 10 and 15 cents for color printing.

If you are bulk printing monochrome pages, then yes, that black and white printer is of great value. However, you also have to factor in the costs of replacing the cartridge or toner, as well as the type of paper you are going to be printing on.

No two manufacturers are the same. Some black and white cartridges from one manufacturer can cost the same, or even be slightly higher than color cartridges. You will have to work out each of these things to find out which of the two is best for you.


Cost is always the first thing that people will turn to. However, there is another side to the equation when it comes to choosing a printer. This side is one that is greatly overlooked by a good number of buyers.

The value that printer provides you, your business or your enterprise could be the difference between trying to find ways to cut costs, to happily providing that superb value your clients have come to expect from your documents.

Finding the right printer can take a bit of jockeying and crunching numbers on a calculator. However, you eventually will find one that will suit your needs.

This will be after you have taken into context the overall costs of running that printer. These include costs per page, the price and availability of supplies as well as how much maintenance they require.

The needs of a small business are quite different from those of an enterprise. While that small business may be happy to print a few pages now and then, that large company has to keep churning out quality presentations and booklets.

A type of printer that will offer great value to a wide variety of groups, is the multifunctional printer.

If you have seen them, you probably know they are not that friendly to your pockets. That, however, is only in terms of the upfront costs. The great thing is, they come in a variety of sizes which is great for the home business all the way to a large enterprise.

The upfront costs may make you squirm, but it is the overall operation costs that really make the case for multifunctional printers. These machines combine both monochrome and color printing to give you flexibility with what you can achieve. You can scale your business on the back of that one printer.

The best part is in the long run, the cost per page drops down significantly. Color pages can drop down to 5 cents a page, and monochrome to less than a cent! What a steal!

LaserJet vs Inkjet

There are currently two technologies that printers employ to give you the quality you are looking for. Speed in this case is also a quality.

The first is the LaserJet. This relies on toner to transfer the color to the paper. They tend to be much faster than inkjets with little bit of a penalty on the quality of color intensive prints.

Inkjets, on the other hand, use specially formulated printer ink in cartridges. These cartridges will then transfer ink to the paper in bits. The best part about inkjets is that they are quite cheap to purchase upfront. Their photo printing quality is superb.

If you know of printers, then you are aware of how much ink cartridges can cost. This is one reason why intensive users tend to go for the LaserJet. They are also maintenance intensive, especially in a busy environment.

If you are just a home business looking to print up a few pages occasionally, the inkjet would be great for you. However, if you are in a busy office with a central printer to serve many, that LaserJet is something you should definitely consider.   


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